Saturday, December 26, 2009

Castle & Crown Birthday Cake

Made this for both the monkey's birthday party this year. Went through a lot of effort from concept to execution with this cake. Wanted an entirely different spin to what was available in the castle cake dept in Chennai.
its basically a rainbow cake and rainbow cupcakes dressed up as a castle with a crown on top and individual cupcakes with the names of each lil guest on them.

Of course, I did'nt want fondant cos then it wud taste terrible and the kids wud'nt enjoy eating it as much. Also, since I had to transport it lock, stock and unwieldy barrel, i ended up improvising a lot.

Am extra-ordinarily thrilled with the cake boards with the pink bows...the center one is pink faux fur - sooo over the top! and the 2 Barbies were free gifts with the Macdonald's kiddy meal that i glue-penned in the sleeves and bodice and dressed in silver and pink net skirts over their minis!

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