Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Disaster Cake

This is what i call my Disaster Cake. My very first Birthday cake order and my most traumatic caking experience to date. a very ambitious 3 kg cake!! for a big birthday bash with hordes of about pressure n performance anxiety!
First i bake 2 cakes fine and for the next 2 i goofed up n used Baking powder instead of Baking soda! so i had to make them again, for which i ran outta ingredients! n had to stop n shop for supplies. then the cakes turn out soooooo moist they literally start cracking up! n then when i put buttercream it, huge chunks from the sides start falling off due to the weight!!!! help ! i got sooo paranoid, i kept running into the meditation/puja room to pray to God to rescue me from this nightmare n to fast forward me to a happier time! was palpitating ( i fact m pretty sure) my hands were shaking soo bad, i cud'nt hold the damn icing bag steady! breathe top it all the guy comes 4 hours too early to pick it up! jeeeez.....
After all that grief n some major reconstruction surgery it turned out pretty amazing (i have only God to thank for pulling me out of that one!) - a 2 tier chocolate vegan cake with frosting & swirls in buttercream frosting n choc-dipped strawberries...yeah,baby,yeah...i lurve strawberries..they jus add soo much of color and easy charm to a cake

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