Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Barbie Sisters Cake

Was made for a combined birthday party for both my daughters Isha(4) & Shradha(1) - they're born 3 years & 10 days apart
made it a sisters theme with 2 Barbies on the cake and 60 matching chocolate cupcakes with co-ordinated pink n white frosting.....the main cake was totally six large cakes in all with 7-min frosting
now, the setting i'm rather proud of...every step was improvisation...was a hindu holiday of some kind the day before, so all the shops were closed, had to run across to Amijikarai ( !!! ) and source the pink and satin from a Bhai's shop! .......bought strands of imitation white n pink pearls too with the silver ribbon n jus plain forgot to use them! personally, i can't stand Barbie!! n don't get them any, cos m on a never-ending crusade to convince Isha that Barbie is a sissy girl n a silly goose! thas not the way if u wanna be a tough chick like mama, baby...


Nisha said...

Hey Mareen,

Fantastic cakes, amazing! I love cooking and have to look at Krishna's blog too. I have not done anything adventurous like you girls but cook every chance I get and host parties pretty much every weekend. But your cakes look amazing. Where is your bakery in Madras would love to visit it on my next trip. Also, do you plan on posting any of your recipies? I would love to try some of them.

BTW, saw that animal welfare is on your interests. What do you do? DO have some sort of charity group helping animals. I have very keen interest and I am a PETA and ASPCA member, here in Chicago and I volunteer at the local shelters. I have been trying to do something in Madras but don't know any group. I tried Blue Cross but have heard some bad things about them.If you are doing anything actively, please do let me know. I would love to contribute.


marieen said...

hey Nisha,

thanks a ton! ain't got no bakery, babe. love to cook but hate to HAVE to do it! also pretty busy with other parts of my life so i do very few n select orders only. all my cake n cookie recipes are pretty simple, i hate complicated tryouts that flop..hate wasting stuff...so try stuff usually from the net.

need anything specific let me know n i'll mail u the recipe.

the other things i make like starters, bakes, salads, pasta i basically improvise

yeah, i always wanted to work for/with animals. n in 95 a small gp of people were coming together to do something...
People for Animals,Chennai was started cos we were upset at the goings on everywhere else we volunteered....rampant euthanasia, corruption,inaction,etc.. when we started we were totally green n stupid with pretty much nothing except some big dreams of what we'd do for the animals. from our humble beginnings we were able to grow quite a bit. today, give care,food shelter to 2000 animals(dogs,cats,cattle,goats, horses,birds,monkeys,etc) on a daily basis, have 3 centers in chennai and run the most effective ABC program in india. terrible struggle n strain to keep it going month on month. pl chk out our website pfachennai.org. u must contribute!!!

thanks again
wonderful to hear from u.

Raji said...

Hey Marieen,
Your cakes look wonderful and definetly mouth watering!!
Great job.. keep more coming!
Tx for sharing the site!
-Raji aka Priyamvadha's Mom